Event Overview
Guard X Security was entrusted with providing security services for a significant event hosted at The Great Hall on the UBC Vancouver Campus. The event, scheduled for the evening of April 19th, required three skilled security personnel, including one guard specifically with OFA Level 2 certification, to ensure comprehensive medical and safety coverage.

Security Deployment
For this event, Guard X Security carefully selected three guards, ensuring that one was fully certified at OFA Level 2 to handle any potential medical emergencies. This selection process guaranteed that the team was not only adept at managing crowd control and ensuring event security but also equipped to provide immediate first aid response if needed.

The security team was on-site well in advance to coordinate with the event organizers, set up necessary security posts, and review the evening’s agenda. With one guard dedicated to medical response, the team effectively managed entry points and maintained a vigilant presence, ensuring the event proceeded smoothly and securely.

The event concluded successfully without any security or medical incidents, thanks in large part to the proactive and professional approach of our Guard X security team. Attendees were able to enjoy the festivities in a safe and secure environment, while organizers were assured of comprehensive security coverage throughout the event.


Guard X Security provided exceptional service at our recent event at The Great Hall. Their team was professional, well-prepared, and highly responsive to our needs. Having a guard with OFA 2 certification gave us additional peace of mind, knowing that we were prepared for any medical issues. We highly recommend Guard X for any event requiring thorough and reliable security services.

Josephine Atkinson

Event Co-ordinator, UBC

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Why Choose Us

  1. Unparalleled Expertise: GuardX Security brings years of unparalleled expertise and proficiency in the security domain, ensuring the utmost protection for UBC and its stakeholders.
  2. Customized Solutions: Together with GuardX Security, UBC develops bespoke security solutions meticulously tailored to the distinct requirements of each facility, ensuring optimal effectiveness.
  3. State-of-the-Art Technology: GuardX Security harnesses state-of-the-art technological innovations to provide advanced security solutions that are adaptive, responsive, and future-ready.
  4. Rapid Response: With GuardX Security’s swift and decisive response capabilities, UBC enjoys peace of mind, knowing that any security concerns or incidents will be addressed promptly and effectively.
  5. Enhanced Safety Culture: Through our collaboration with GuardX Security, UBC fosters a culture of safety and security, instilling confidence and trust among our community members and stakeholders.



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