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Concierge Security Services & Company in Vancouver

Concierge Security, a rapidly expanding security services provider in Canada, boasts a team of committed specialists poised to deliver tailor-made concierge security services in vancouver. Recognizing that a concierge goes beyond the conventional security role, our professionals serve as a welcoming and secure front-of-house presence. The Guard X Security team ensures excellence through our specialized Blackbird Academy training program, providing our concierge professionals with comprehensive, multi-disciplinary training to adeptly handle any situation that may arise.

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Why are Concierge Security Services Important in Vancouver?

A concierge at Guard X Security is a distinctive security professional adept at seamlessly transitioning between a security and hospitality mindset.

In addition to creating a welcoming atmosphere for clients, staff, and residents, our concierge security services in Vancouver manage building access, provide front-line assistance, and address inquiries with a friendly demeanor. Trained to offer first aid support, uphold building policies, and act as fire marshals during evacuations, our concierge team is committed to ensuring a safe and hospitable environment.

Typical Duties of Concierge Staff

Frontline security presence

Greeting/Checking-in visitors

Upholding building rules and regulations

Property surveillance

CCTV monitoring

Alarm response

Customer service for building occupants

Incident Report writing

Package collection

Protection against theft, accidents, fires

Where are Concierge Security Staff Used?

The notion that concierge security guards are exclusive to strata or residential buildings is outdated. In reality, concierge staff are well-suited for a variety of businesses. Whether dressed in a suit and tie or a professional security uniform, concierges offer a comforting welcome and a security presence across a diverse range of properties:

Public/Municipal Buildings
Office Buildings
Medical Complexes
Condo Buildings
Tourist Attractions
Sports and Recreation Buildings
Cultural Locations
Retail/Mixed-Use Buildings


Strata / Residential Concierge Services

Ideal for condominium buildings, stratas, gated communities, and guest accommodations, our residential concierge security guarantees exclusive access to the building for residents and their guests. With specialized training in conflict resolution and customer service, they excel in defusing common building issues such as noise complaints, managing parties, and providing assistance with package deliveries and moving days.


Office Concierge Services

Our Office Concierge Security team extends a warm and reassuring welcome to both clients and visitors. With training encompassing concierge and security-related services, they diligently enforce building policies, handle package reception, and prioritize your best interests. In doing so, they represent your business with a level of trustworthiness you can rely on.


Commercial Concierge Services

Our commercial concierge security team stands prepared to contribute to the safety and security of your commercial property. Trained to oversee alarm systems, CCTV cameras, secure keys, and implement building policies with minimal disruption. In the event of a worst-case scenario, their training enables them to offer first aid assistance or even serve as a fire marshal during a building evacuation.

prison guard

Uniformed Security Guards

Given that residential buildings and spaces are frequent targets for vandalism, loitering, and mischief, our uniformed security guards serve as a potent visual deterrent and a frontline response. These uniformed guards are highly skilled security professionals with extensive and advanced training.

Industry Leading Training Through our Guard X Security Academy

Recognizing the evolving role of security professionals, Guard X Security identified the imperative to equip our staff to handle diverse scenarios with composure and reassurance. This realization led to the development of our groundbreaking Guard X Academy training program.

Facilitated by our in-house team and external experts, our comprehensive training program covers essential areas such as St. John’s Mental Health Training, Indigenous Awareness Training, and Conflict Resolution. If your existing security provider falls short in delivering this caliber of training, it may be time for an upgrade.

Key modules include:

Customer Service Training
Verbal and Written Communication Training
Incident Report Writing
CCTV Training
Access and Crowd Control Training
Incident De-Escalation Training
Basic and Advanced Security Training
Trespass to Property Training
Crisis Management Training
Emergency Response Management Training
Weapons Awareness and Avoidance Training
Occupational Health (OFA) Training
WHMIS Training
Above all, our guards are required to possess a valid security license for the province in which they operate.



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