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At GUARD X SECURITY, we are committed to delivering top-notch security guard services tailored to meet the distinct needs of our clients in Burnaby. As the best security company in Burnaby and a leading security agency near you, our team comprises highly trained and professional security personnel dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of your property, assets, and personnel.

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Industries We Serve:

Choose GUARD X SECURITY in Burnaby for unparalleled security services designed to meet your specific requirements. We are the best security company in Burnaby, dedicated to safeguarding your assets and ensuring a secure environment for all. With our team of highly trained professionals, you can trust us to provide top-notch security agency services tailored to your needs. Contact us for top-notch security agency services near you and experience our Canadian bodyguard service expertise.

  • Residential Communities
  • Commercial Properties
  • Construction Sites
  • Retail Establishments
  • Events and Entertainment Venues
  • Educational Institutions

Why Choose Us :

Experience and Training: Our best security guard in Burnaby undergo rigorous training and bring years of experience to the field, equipping them to handle a diverse range of security challenges with confidence.

Customized Security Plans: We collaborate closely with our clients to develop customized security plans that align with specific needs, providing a tailored and effective security solution unique to each client. This makes us the go-to security company near you for personalized services.

24/7 Surveillance and Monitoring: Our security guards provide round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring, leveraging the latest technology to enhance coverage and deter potential threats effectively.

Access Control and Visitor Management: Implementing stringent access control measures and managing visitor entry, our guards enhance the overall safety of your facility, ensuring only authorized individuals have access. Trust us for the most secure access control in Burnaby.

Emergency Response: Prepared for any emergency, our security team responds swiftly and efficiently to mitigate risks, safeguard lives, and protect property. We are your reliable choice for emergency response and Canadian bodyguard services.

Professionalism and Customer Service: Our guards prioritize professionalism and excellent customer service, creating a positive and secure atmosphere for clients, employees, and visitors alike. We aim to be the top-rated security company near you for both our services and customer care.

Continuous Improvement: Committed to staying ahead of security trends and technology, we ensure our services are always up-to-date and effective against evolving threats, providing you with the highest level of security.

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Industry Leading Training Through our Guard X Security

Recognizing the evolving role of security professionals, Guard X Security identified the imperative to equip our staff to handle diverse scenarios with composure and reassurance. This realization led to the development of our groundbreaking Guard X Academy training program.

Facilitated by our in-house team and external experts, our comprehensive training program covers essential areas such as St. John’s Mental Health Training, Indigenous Awareness Training, and Conflict Resolution. If your existing security provider falls short in delivering this caliber of training, it may be time for an upgrade.

Key modules include:

Customer Service Training
Verbal and Written Communication Training
Incident Report Writing
CCTV Training
Access and Crowd Control Training
Incident De-Escalation Training
Basic and Advanced Security Training
Trespass to Property Training
Crisis Management Training
Emergency Response Management Training
Weapons Awareness and Avoidance Training
Occupational Health (OFA) Training
WHMIS Training
Above all, our guards are required to possess a valid security license for the province in which they operate.



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